Season 2016

From this season Rumori Calcio officially debuted in Estonian club football by participating into IV.Liiga (Estonia’s 6th and last tier of the football pyramid). The also organized a second team (Rumori Calcio II) that took part into Rahvaliiga-B (non league) organized by the Estonian FA.

IV.LIIGA Northern/Western  (10.04.2016 – 09.10-2016)

In an unbelievable fashion, Rumori Calcio came literally back from the dead with 10 wins in the last 11 games (8 wins and 1 loss in the second part of the season) to close the season 3rd and earning an historical promotion to III.Liiga (5th of 6 tiers) for 2017.
After a slow start (3 points in 7 games) the Skyblues started to roll over one opponents after the other. The last 2 games of the first part gave Rumori the first two wins of the season. On the resume, Rumori Calcio started to win one game after the other for a streak of 8 wins in a row that skyrocketed the club’s ambitions to 3rd place.
The streak was eventually halted by Trummi SK (group winners and also promoted to III.Liiga) but the Skyblues immediately resumed the march towards promotion with another set of wins which gave them the promotion 5 points clear of FC Toompea.

Eston Villa II17185211932492073255-2311
JK Jalgpallihaigla17185211931592162868-4014
Trummi SK49181611990097118230+5235
FC Toompea2818846943294143833+515
RJK Märjamaa36181134951396213522+1319
RUMORI CALCIO33181035952295134924+2528
JK Charma II2418666943292255443+1117
FC Majandusmagister8182214910891261646-309
JK Augur2418738951392253839-116
FC Haapsalu Harrastajad20186210941492163648-1212

*Tabasalu JK Charma II quit game against Trummi SK on Matchday 11
**Eston Villa II win away at Tabasalu JK Charma was cancelled (MD10) due to ineligible player fielded
The 3 points were awarded to the hosts.
***Eston Villa II quit the last game on Matchday 18 vs. RJK Märjamaa, who were awarded 3 points.

Matchday 1 Rumori Calcio vs. JK Jalgpallihaigla
match report – gallery
Matchday 2 FC Toompea vs. Rumori Calcio
match report – video – gallery
Matchday 3 Rumori Calcio vs. RJK Märjamaa
match reportvideo – gallery
Matchday 4 Tabasalu JK Charma II vs. Rumori Calcio
match report video – gallery 1gallery 2
Matchday 5 Rumori Calcio vs. JK Augur          2-2
Matchday 6 FC Eston Villa II vs. Rumori Calcio          3-1
Matchday 7 Rumori Calcio vs. Trummi SK
match report
Matchday 8 FC Majandusmagister vs. Rumori Calcio          1-6
Matchday 9 Rumori Calcio vs. FC Haapsalu Harrastajad          1-0
Matchday 10 JK Jalgpallihaigla vs. Rumori Calcio
match report
Matchday 11 Rumori Calcio vs. FC Toompea
match report
Matchday 12 RJK Märjamaa vs. Rumori Calcio
match report
Matchday 13 Rumori Calcio vs. Tabasalu JK Charma II          4-0*
Matchday 14 JK Augur vs. Rumori Calcio
match reportvideo (0-1)
Matchday 15 Rumori Calcio vs. FC Eston Villa II
match report
Matchday 16 Trummi SK vs. Rumori Calcio
match report
Matchday 17 Rumori Calcio vs. FC Majandusmagister
match report
Matchday 18 FC Haapsalu Harrastajad vs. Rumori Calcio
match report – gallery

*technical win for Rumori Calcio since Charma II fielded an ineligible player
Full calendar on www.jalgpall.ee

Deep Cup run. Thanks to a good draw in 1/64 of finals, Rumori Calcio managed to overcome the phase they had been stopped last season when they lost 3-2 to JK Poseidon Pärnu in the first ever club football game.
In 1/32 of finals Rumori Calcio gave a shock by eliminating FC Merkuur Tartu, 2015 Amateurs Cup holders who re-confirmed themselves in 2016. The win arrived in injury time of extra time with a great goal by Christoph Puschmann. After sending II.Liiga Nothern/Eastern tableleaders home, Rumori faced III.Liiga Western relegation outfit JK Kernu Kadakas in 1/16 of finals. After a tough game, Rumori managed to win with the same score within regular time (4-3).
The 1/8 finals draw gave Rumori Calcio players the chance to square up with an Estonian top-flight club as JK Tammeka Tartu. In the third trip to Tartu of the season (including the one in Amateurs Cup vs. Fauna) Rumori managed to hold Tammeka on 0-0 for 40′. They eventually even scored a golazo in injury time thanks to Roman Narnitski (you can watch his goal here). They close the Estonan Cup season with 2W, 1L 9 goals scored and 11 suffered.

1/64 of finals –   vs.  Rumori Calcio  bye to 1/32
1/32 of finals  FC Merkuur Tartu vs. Rumori Calcio
match report – video
   3-4 (AET)
1/16 of finals  Rumori Calcio vs. JK Kernu Kadakas
match report 
1/8 of finals  Tammeka Tartu vs. Rumori Calcio
match reportvideohighlightsgallery

For the first time Rumori Calcio took part into the ‘Väike Karikas’ the trophy reserved to amateur clubs (from II.Liiga till Rahvaliiga). After a bye in 1/64 of finals, Rumori Calcio were drawn to Tartu club, FC Ülikool Fauna who won 7-3 after extra time compelling Rumori Calcio to exit the cup.

1/64 of finals –   vs.  Rumori Calcio  bye to 1/32
1/32 of finals FC Ülikool Fauna Tartu vs. Rumori Calcio
match report
   7-3 (AET)

Aastalõputurniir IV.Liiga

Rumori Calcio participated for the first time to the end-of-year tournament which involves all clubs from all tiers in mini-football challenges. The tournament was held in Tartu Spordimaja on the 21st of December and a selection of the first team did not make it through the group stage.

Match 1  Kristiine JK vs. Rumori Calcio        0-0
Match 2  FC Helios Võru vs. Rumori Calcio         2-1
Match 3  Rumori Calcio vs. Raasiku FC Joker         0-2

Rahvaliiga B (June-September)

Rumori Calcio took part into Rahvaliiga (8-a-side non-league football) for the second year running with the double team (Rumori Calcio II) and achieved the third place in the Group IX which granted access to the play-off for the B-level. It was the first time in short history of the club that one of our teams reached the play-off of a competition after the regular season.
After a successful tie in Nabala, Rumori Calcio II lost to FC Jõgeva Wolves II after a hard fought game finished at extra-time.

PO – 1/16  Nabala Kohalikud Koprad vs. Rumori Calcio II          0-2
PO – 1/8  FC Jõgeva Wolves II vs. Rumori Calcio II     2-1 (AET)
Rahvaliiga B /Group IXPGWDLGFGAGD
FC Ramcelona772147-14-7
RUMORI CALCIO II1374121512+3
Enamasti Pealekata1775202613+13
FC Athletic07007000
FC EOS771421114-3
FC Tiigrid Fännklubi57124829-21
Ruudulised Tiigrid1173221517-2
Match 1  Rumori Calcio II vs. SEB         1-3
Match 2  FC Tiigrid Fännklubi  vs. Rumori Calcio II         0-5*
Match 3  Rumori Calcio II vs. Ruudulised Tiigrid         3-1
Match 4  Rumori Calcio II vs. Enamasti Pealekata         1-4
Match 5  Rumori Calcio II vs. FC EOS         3-3
Match 6  FC Ramcelona vs. Rumori Calcio II         1-2
Match 7  FC Athletic vs. Rumori Calcio II         0-3**

*the match document wrongly reports a third goal by Aleksandar Jevtimov
de facto win as FC Athletic have quite the league after just one game

The annual one-game challenge to celebrate Rumori Calcio birth was played on the 25th of August against Amateur FC Lions (ITA) from Provaglio di Iseo, Brescia Province. Lions play in local amateur CSI championship (provincially organized tournaments outside of the FIGC football system).

25/08/2016 Rumori Calcio vs. Amateur FC Lions (ITA)
match reportgallery
      6-4 AP


The focus of season 2016 has been the debut in Estonian IV.Liiga.
The start of the year was centered on pre-season friendlies which culminated with 6 games in March.
The total balance of the 10 preseason friendlies was 3W 3D and 4L.

17/01/2016 Rumori Calcio vs. AdCash          3-3
24/01/2016 Rumori Calcio vs. Kristiine JK          6-5
21/02/2016 Rumori Calcio vs. FC Moe          6-6
28/02/2016 Rumori Calcio vs. FC Transferwise         5-12
06/03/2016 FC Jõgeva Wolves vs. Rumori Calcio          5-1
13/03/2016 Kristiine JK vs. Rumori Calcio          2-2
15/03/2015 Nõmme Kalju III vs. Rumori Calcio          2-0
20/03/2015 FC Reaal vs. Rumori Calcio          0-3
27/03/2015 Rumori Calcio vs. FC Igiliikur          1-2
29/03/2015 FC Majandusmagister vs. Rumori Calcio          1-4


25/07/2016 JK Loo vs. Rumori Calcio
match report
02/08/2016 Nõmme Kalju III vs. Rumori Calcio
match report


26/05/2016 Rumori Calcio II vs. Tallinna Wolves         4-6
09/06/2016 Rumori Calcio II vs. BayeRM         2-2
16/06/2016 Rumori Calcio II vs. Kuhne/Nagel         1-1
17/08/2016 Kuhne/Nagel vs. Rumori Calcio II         6-3

In January the club took part to a one-day futsal tournament in Jõgeva.

09/01/2016 Rumori Calcio vs. VVP-II         0-1
09/01/2016 FC Jõgeva Wolves vs. Rumori Calcio         6-2
09/01/2016 Rumori Calcio vs. JK Küsimärk         7-0
09/01/2016 Rumori Calcio vs. FC Transferwise         2-0
09/01/2016 FC Jõgeva Wolves II vs. Rumori Calcio         3-6

Sade Sport Solution Cup 2016
In the beginning of June, a mixed selection of Rumori Calcio and Rumori Calcio II joined this 7-a-side tournament in Õismäe with the following results.

04/06/2016 Error United vs. Rumori Calcio        2-0
04/06/2016 Rumori Calcio vs. Tahmaküla         1-1
04/06/2016 FC Sssolutions vs. Rumori Calcio        2-0
04/06/2016 Rumori Calcio vs. FC Fortuna         2-5
04/06/2016 FC Sssolutions vs. Rumori Calcio         3-1

IAFA Lasnamäe Cup 2016

04/06/2016 B.S.F. United vs. Rumori Calcio II        1-0
04/06/2016 Rumori Calcio II vs. MIG-25        0-4
04/06/2016 RaDina vs. Rumori Calcio II        1-4

Pirita Sügisturniir (Futsal)

22/10/2016 Rumori Calcio II vs. FC Bomba        0-3
22/10/2016 Pirita RJK vs. Rumori Calcio II        1-0
22/10/2016 Pro Era vs. Rumori Calcio II        3-1
22/10/2016 JK Keelutsoon vs. Rumori Calcio II        3-0
22/10/2016 Rumori Calcio II vs. FC Pjarnu/Invidia Agentuur        0-5
22/10/2016 Rumori Calcio II vs. BSC Türi         3-1

Futsal Rahvaliiga (2016-17)

For the first time ever, the club participated into the Winter futsal Rahvaliiga with the second team.
The team qualified 3rd in the group stage hence missing the play-off opportunity by a mere point.

16/11/2016  JK Proweb vs. Rumori Calcio II        3-4
24/11/2016  Rumori Calcio II vs. Rasmus Värki Jalgpallikool        6-5
01/12/2016  Rumori Calcio II vs. Valge Poni Trahter        4-3
08/12/2016  Rumori Calcio II vs. Raasiku FC Joker        6-3
12/12/2016  Nabala Kohalikud Kopra vs. Rumori Calcio II        2-3
20/12/2016  FC IceBears vs. Rumori Calcio II        6-3
30/01/2017   Vitamin Well vs. Rumori Calcio II        5-3

Futsal pre-season friendlies

04/11/2016 Arvato vs. Rumori Calcio II       11-1
25/11/2016 Kuehne/Nagel vs. Rumori Calcio II        8-3

Rumori Calcio was founded with the aim of providing an international environment to foreigners living in Tallinn and passionate about playing football.
The club welcomes also locals and it has been a true example of integration through the years.

The club’s motto is ‘E Pluribus, Unum’, from many, one. Already over 30 nationalities
from all over the globe
have served
the SkyBlue of the club.
We are from many different cultures, but we communicate with one language: football.