If you wish to become a sponsor/partner of Rumori Calcio, send an e-mail to info@rumoricalcio.eu

Jersey Sponsors

San Giacomo Presse/Ekstentsipressid



The high technological content of the product has allowed SANGIACOMO PRESSE to become a leading company in the production of C-frame and straight-side eccentric mechanical presses, thanks to a strong experience in the world market since the 60s.
The whole production, carried out in the premises of Vittorio Veneto, allows a high quality control for every single component, as a guarantee to the product. The reliability and the applied technologies have allowed SANGIACOMO PRESSE to develop a wide range of products and solutions for metal deformation, like stamping, shearing and deep drawing.
More info at:  www.sangiacomopresse.it/en/
For Estonian market contact: http://www.ekstsentrikpressid.ee/

Rumori Publishing OÜ

Rumori Publishing OÜ is an Italo-Estonian joint-venture with the mission of importing and translating quality football books with a special look at original artwork covers. The company has imported and translated Andrea Pirlo’s ‘I think therefore I play‘ biography (‘Mõtlen, järelikult mängin‘) and Marti’ Peraranau exclusive recount of Pep Guardiola’s first year at Bayern ‘Pep Confidential‘ (‘Pep Guardiola: Konfidentsiaalne‘). Both books are available in Estonia’s major retail bookstores.

Marti’ Peraranau – Pep Guardiola Konfidentsiaalne – Apollo / Rahva Raamat
Andrea Pirlo – Mõtlen Järelikult Mängin – Apollo / Rahva Raamat

Medical Partner

Muskliabi OÜ – Muskliabi.com

Davide Mazzotti at Muskliabi OÜ provides professional physiotherapy services at his premises (Narva mnt 32-1) or upon agreement at your place. List of services available here.
From season 2018, Davide takes care of Rumori Calcio first team muscles recovery.

Technical supplier

MS Eesti

Rumori Calcio will continue its partnership with Macron also in 2017, and namely with the official importer and distributor for Estonia Mediaster Eesti OÜ based in Tallinn.

MSEesti/Macron have supplied our 2015 and 2016 uniforms for the Rahvaliiga season and our IV.Liiga successful debut in 2016. The company will keep on supplying the new uniforms for 2017, home and away. The partnership is enforced with MSEesti.ee printed on the back of our new jerseys under the number.
Visit or drop an e-mail here for a quote.


BLD Studio

BL Design’s speciality is in the Fashion and Licensing Industries. Regular clients include The Beatles, Bravado/Universal Music Group as well as the London brand, King Apparel. Contact barry@bldstudio.com