Officially born as MTÜ Rumori Calcio JK on the 17th of March 2015 in the Hiiu Pub in the outskirts of Tallinn, the club’s first official game outside of the Estonian football system was a SEM Grandliiga Cup fixture on the 22nd of August 2014.

The very moment of the night of 17th of March 2015 when Rumori was legally born

The debut was not the most promising one since Rumori Calcio suffered a humiliating 1-10 defeat by FC Liikur. Georgian striker Giorgi Balakhadze scored the first goal of the club’s history.

The 7-a-side line up featured the following players: Albanian goalkeeper Andi Kasmi (currently in second team), Italo-Georgian defensive line with Archil Chochia and Angelo Palmeri (both founders later on), a set of Italian midfielders, Federico Levi (currently first-team captain) and Angelo Di Lascio, and two strikers, Giorgi Balakhadze (GEO) and Yenal Turan (TUR, also a founder later on).

The subs included Peru brothers Joy and Jessi Verano Izaguirre and Turkish striker Mustafa Celik.

One of the very first line-ups of Rumori Calcio. Top line (left to right) Yenal Turan, Samuele De Pizzol, Andri Annuka, Angelo Palmeri. Bottom line (left to right) Archil Chochia, Heliand Dema, Kervin Kull, Giorgi Balakhadze

The latter, was the author of the historical first winner against FC IceBears five days later.
In a dramatic game to survive in the cup double elimination system and under a thick rain worth of an English cup tie, Rumori Calcio took the lead with Archil Chochia (6’) only to be levelled three minutes later by Indrek Surajev. They struggled until extra time when Mustafa Celik delivered his first goal and Rumori Calcio first victorious game ever.

Another whitewash (1-9) by LFC sanctioned Rumori Calcio elimination from the SEM Grandliiga Cup.

The club moved indoor in Autumn 2014 to play the IAFA Futsal League.

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