Rumori Cup


2015 – UCL Academicals (ENG)

2016 – Amateurs FC Lions (ITA)

2017 – Rumori Calcio II (EST)


Rumori Calcio, in order to celebrate their birthday, challenges a foreign team in the ‘Rumori Cup’, a one-game tournament which assigns a trophy at the end of the 90′.

If you want to play in the current year´s edition, please drop us an e-mail to check availability: 

In 2015, at the first edition, we hosted UCL Academicals from England’s amateur tier AFC (Amateur Football Combination). The game ended with a 0-6 win by the visitors who brought the trophy with them to the UK.
As Rumori Calcio had just one team in the local ‘Rahvaliiga’, this was the one sent to the game that took place on the very same birthday of the club, 22nd of August 2015.

A year after, with Rumori Calcio featuring two teams (11-a-side and 8-a-side), it was the first team having the chance to defend the trophy. Our guests were the Italian team Amateur FC Lions . After a battled 90′ and Lions managing to score an equalizer in injury time (2-2) the Italians managed to beat Rumori Calcio at penalties 3-2. The game was held on the 25th of August 2016.

In 2017 the game was postponed until the 7th of October and it was a chance for the second team to defend it this time. Having as guests FC Germania Helsinki from Finland, a team of mainly German expats living in the neighbouring country, Rumori Calcio II showed ruthless football and rolled the guests 7-0 claiming the trophy for the club for the first time.