Rumori Cup goes to Italy

Rumori Cup goes to Italy

The second edition of Rumori Cup saw Rumori Calcio hosting Amateur FC Lions (ITA) from Provaglio di Iseo, Province of Brescia.

Since the Italian team travelled thin to Tallinn (only 9 men), we helped them getting holes filled with 5 local players including 3 playing in IV.Liiga: Federico Levi (Nõmme Kalju III), Giacomo Piron (Eston Villa II) and Grigori Shumilin (Tallinna Depoo).

Rumori Calcio could count upon 19 players including coach Angelo Palmeri who wore the boots for almost the entire game (88′) and was almost bringing his side to the first win in the one-game challenge with his 3-2 goal on 79′.
Lions instead found the back of the net with their Captain and representative, Leonardi ‘Il Conte’ Gemignani, who was able to solve a penalty box scrum with a classy back-heel goal.

It was an emotional game with many goals and the final draw to bring the two sides to the penalty shoot-out (3) to assign the trophy.

The game was directed by referee Andrei Brõtkin who was assisted by Kirill Andreev and Anton Biktimirov.

Rumori Calcio started with an unseen XI which saw the only Marco Spielmann and Filippo Zanin as the regulars of the team in the recent period.
The team was completed with Gabriele Haddad on the righ-back position, Oliver Lomp as second centreback, Mauro Peduzzi on left-back, Ahmed Hassan on right-wing after being affected by a knee injury and Ott Kõiv on left wing as in Märjamaa. The midfield pair was made up fo new signing Roman Narnitski and our most-appearing player, Erekle Dzotsenidze, 61 apps for him on Thursday night. Angelo Palmeri was free to move behind lone striker Samuele De Pizzol.

It was indeed the last two who combined on 5′ for an early advantage. Palmeri stole a ball on the opponents three-quarters and saw De Pizzol going through in the space made available the central channel. After being served, De Pizzol controlled the ball and hit the back of the net. 1-0.

After being hit, Lions re-organized themselves and started to play slight better than Rumori Calcio who were unable to exploit the spaces in the flanks. As the guests started to produce more chances around Rumori’s box, they eventually got the chance to pull level when Brõtkin assigned a penalty for a foul committed by Marco Spielmann on Emiliano Franzoni. The same nr.46 took charge to hit the back of the net. 1-1.

It was the end of first half.

On second half Rumori Calcio changed 8/11 as Angelo Palmeri stayed on as lone striker, Oliver Lomp moved to left-wing position and Marco Spielmaan stayed on as central defender.
The newcomers included 6 regulars, our new goalkeeper, Finnish Mikko Miettinen, and Kristofer Evert.

Albeit the game appeared more fluid than the first half thanks to the better gelling of the regulars, Rumori eventually found the back of the net on a corner kick situation as Mart Naris sealed his 3rd goal ever with the club.

On 2-1, Rumori Calcio tried to increase the pressure to close the game, however lacked sharpness and luck in the final third also thanks to the great saves made by Serbian goalkeeper, Branislav ‘Bane’ Bosika.
It were eventually the Lions to pull level as Giacomo Piron, the youngest player on the pitch (1996), to score for the Lions on 61′ as he got advantage of a Calcio’s defensive mistake.

Game over? Not at all.
Also in striker’s position, our coach was looking for a goal without rest having seen his game’s best chance neutralized by Mauro Caneglias in the box around the hour, with Bosika apparently put off.
On 79′ he took advantage of a mistake by centreback Mattia Bresciani who slipped on the ball and lost his balance. Palmeri grabbed the ball and entered the box with the only Bosika to be beaten. With the Serbian goalkeeper outstretching all his 198cm, our nr.22 had to outdo himself by hitting the ball with the outside of the boot and sending it to the furthest post which it hit to find the back of the net. It was Palmeri’s 5th goal ever with Rumori Calcio through all the competitions, the first at 11-a-side football with the Rumori Calcio and more than 6 years after his last 11-a-side game (18th of April 2010) when he scored a goal with his previous club, FC Soccernet.

With 10′ to go, Lions tried to pull level and bring Calcio to penalties which they did on 89′.

From the penalty sport, Lions managed to score all the 3 kicks whereas our Captain, Archil Chochia, missed the second decisive one by hitting the crossbar.

Lions could celebrate what was a great comeback win.




Rumori Calcio vs. Amateur FC Lions 3-3 (HT 1-1) / 4-6 After penalty shoot-out
Andrei Brõtkin (EST)
Assistants: Kirill Andreev (EST), Anton Bitkimirov (EST)
Notes: warm evening, dry pitch, 20 people attending. The game was preceded by 1′ of silence to pay respect to the victims of the earthquake in central Italy. Before kick-off Samuele De Pizzol was presented with a special t-shirt for his 40th birthday.

Goals: 5′ De Pizzol (RC), 28′ Franzoni penalty (L), 52′ Naris (RC), 61′ Piron (L), 79′ Palmeri (RC), 90′ Gemignani (L)
Penalty shoot-out series: Franzoni + (L) 0-1, Malgin + (RC) 1-1, Scolari + (L) 1-2,  Chochia X (RC) 1-2, Levi + (L) 1-3.
Bookings: 38′ Samuele De Pizzol (RC) for reckless foul

Rumori Calcio: 1 Mikko Miettinen, 2 Marco Spielmann, 3 Samuele De Pizzol, 4 Archil Chochia, 5 Roman Narnitski, 6 Mauro Peduzzi, 7 Tomasz Leszczynski, 12 Mart Naris, 14 Sergei Malgin, 16 Filippo Zanin, 17 Gabriele Haddad, 18 Andrei Lossitski, 20 Kristofer Evert, 22 Angelo Palmeri, 24 Ahmed Hassan, 37 Aleks Kappo, 94 Erekle Dzotsenidze, 99 Oliver Lomp
Amateur FC Lions: 1 Branislav Bosika, 4 Federico Levi, Grigori Shumilin, 9 Michele Scolari, 10 Claudio Bosio, 13 Mauro Caneglias, 14 Stefano Simonini, 20 Leonardo Gemignani, 28 Mattia Bresciani, 33 Francesco Arturo Grassi, 46 Emiliano Franzoni, 69 Gianbattista Cotelli, 74 Stefano Bino, 83 Giacomo Piron.



2015 – UCL Academicals (ENG)
2016 – Amateur FC Lions (ITA)



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