Officially born as MTÜ Rumori Calcio JK on the 17th of March 2015 in the Hiiu Pub in the outskirts of Tallinn, the club’s first official game outside of the Estonian football system was a SEM Grandliiga Cup fixture on the 22nd of August 2014.

The debut was not the most promising one since Rumori Calcio suffered a humiliating 1-10 defeat by FC Liikur. Georgian striker Giorgi Balakhadze scored the first goal of the club’s history.

The 7-a-side line up featured the following players: Albanian goalkeeper Andi Kasmi (currently in second team), Italo-Georgian defensive line with Archil Chochia and Angelo Palmeri (both founders later on), a set of Italian midfielders, Federico Levi (currently first-team captain) and Angelo Di Lascio, and two strikers, Giorgi Balakhadze (GEO) and Yenal Turan (TUR, also a founder later on).

The subs included Peru brothers Joy and Jessi Verano Izaguirre and Turkish striker Mustafa Celik.

The latter, was the author of the historical winner against FC IceBears five days later.
In a dramatic game to survive in the cup double elimination system and under a thick rain worth of an English cup tie, Rumori Calcio took the lead with Archil Chochia (6’) only to be levelled three minutes later by Indrek Surajev. They struggled until extra time when Mustafa Celik delivered his first goal and Rumori Calcio first victorious game ever.

Another whitewash (1-9) by LFC sanctioned Rumori Calcio elimination from the SEM Grandliiga Cup.

The club moved indoor in Autumn 2014 to play the IAFA Futsal League.


In Summer 2015, Rumori Calcio approached the Estonian league system by entering the Rahvaliiga (non-league) organized by the Estonian FA. They competed in B-level drawn in a group with JK Roosad Pantrid, the 2014 Rahvaliiga Champions.

In the same season, history was made when Rumori Calcio played his first-ever 11-a-side official club football game in an Estonian Cup tie (1/64) against JK Poseidon from Pärnu on the 28th of June 2015.

A report of this historical game is available here. Both goals for Rumori Calcio were scored by former professional player, Englishman Richard Barnwell, being first-ever goal in club football and first-ever brace in club football for our colours.

In Autumn 2015, the club decided to move the team to the Estonian IV.Liiga, the lowest of 6 tiers of league football in Estionia. A team in Rahvaliiga was maintained with partly old players and mostly new recruits.


10th of April 2016 is another historical date in the club’s history as Rumori Calcio debuted in Estonian league football at Kalev Stadium artificial pitch, a venue used by the club only the Summer before in the first edition of the Rumori Cup. The debut against JK JalgpalliHaigla was a difficult one as Rumori Calcio managed to clinch the draw only on 84′ when midfielder Mart Naris (EST) scored the first ever goal in league football for Rumori Calcio.

Rumori Calcio had to wait 7 games before earning the first win in IV.Liiga: a round 1-6 win at Majandusmagister.
They closed the first round with barely 7 points and the 8th place out of 10 after 9 games.
With a renewed spirit and some new signings, the team managed to run other 6 wins in a row and clinch the 3rd place which was eventually secured in the last two games and earned a historical promotion to III.Liiga.

The Estonian Cup path was not less enthusing.
Contrary to previous year elimination at the first attempt, Rumori Calcio managed to reach the eight-of-finals after beating Merkuur Tartu (II.Liiga and Amateurs Cup holders) and Kernu Kadakas (III.Liiga) only to fall in front of top-flight club Tammeka Tartu (5-1) in the Southern city. Despite the full-time result, Rumori Calcio held Tammeka 0-0 for 40′ and managed to pull one back at the very end of the game. The author of the historical goal against a top-flight outfit was midfielder Roman Narnitski.

Season 2017 saw the debut in III.Liiga with a good 6th place out of 12 teams. The Cup run was again successfull as the Boys in Skyblue managed to reach once and again the eight-of-finals of the national competition where they had to surrender to superior opposition made up by FC Kuressaare, at the moment a Esiliiga outfit (second tier).
The season after (2018) saw again a 6th-place finish, however the team came closer to the promotion zone only to lose grounds in the final part of the season. The Cup run ended in the 1/32 of finals since the draw was not a lucky one: Rumori Calcio had to face top-flight outfit and oldest Estonian existing club, Kalev Tallinn. The game ended 1-8 as once and again, Rumori managed to break the clean sheet from the penalty spot. At the end of the season, coach Angelo Palmeri left the job to stay as club Sport Director.
At the start of 2019, player Tomasz Leszczynski was apppointed as the new coach. The season was in a lower note since Rumori Calcio mainly stuggled for survival, achieved in the last 2 matchdays of the season. The Cup run was ended immediately and in a ominous way as Rumori Calcio surrendered to a Rahvaliiga opposition in Tartu, 3-2, after leading 0-2 at half-time!
2020 will see the debut of second team in the Estonian football pyramid from IV.Liiga.

At the end of January 2019, we sadly witnessed the passing away of a our friend and valuable player, Kareemy.
We keep a fond memory of him, and the club, as sign of respect towards him, has decided to withdrawt his number, 17, with a prematch ceremony at the start of season 2019.