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The pitch in Kotka indoor hall is covered and the surface is artificial grass (we suggest astroturf boots, avoid studs or cleats if you can in order to prevent injuries). We are sheltered from elements, but in harsh Estonian Winters is still cold since there is no heating on and several layers of clothes are suggested from November till April.

In the hall we are holding all trainings of our teams: twice a week for our first team that play in III.Liiga-Northern (11-a-side) and once a week for our second team that play in Rahvaliiga-B (8-a-side).
All training sessions are attended by qualified coaches with licenses released by the Estonian FA.

If you want to visit our trainings, please write an e-mail accordingly and ask for times and dates:

First team (11-a-side):
Second team (8-a-side):

A short profile of yourself would be much appreciated (age, role, level of fitness etc.).
We don’t look for professional footballers (we’re amateurs, no paid trials or salaried contracts can be offered!) but we definitely take into consideration your past experiences as an interesting element for evaluating your potential contribution to the teams. Thank you!

Before you ask us, more info about costs are available below.


A single visit/trial to our trainings costs 5€ and can be paid cash on the spot before or after the training to the coach or the person you agreed with to participate, unless you agreed otherwise and will make the payment via our bank account:

Account: EE672200221061995522  (SWEDBANK)

NB! If you wish to train for long periods without paying the single fee at every visit, we can agree long-term payments based on our existing membership fees and on an advance payment basis since you won’t be joining the teams and compete in the Estonian leagues.
Contact us first to discuss this option: 

After a trial period you might join one of our teams in order to compete in Estonian leagues, in that case membership fees kick in to cover the trainings costs.

The basic criteria to calculate your membership period is the 6-month period(*).

Please take a further read below to realize what would cost you to become a Rumori Calcio player and how does the membership system works.
Concrete examples and calculations are given, for further questions please ask when you contact us if anything unclear. We do not negotiate ‘special deals’ besides the terms given!

Upon joining the first team permanently, you can choose among these 2 membership fees:

1) mandatory monthly fee (40€)
2) 6-month non-refundable fee (190€).

If you opt for 1), you pay every month 40€ regardless how many times you train or if you train at all.
In case of injury or other reason that prevents you from participating into trainings, in fact, you are still due to pay until the 6-month period(*) ends. Only then, you can ask to leave the team and the payment will be interrupted.
Example: you join the team in February and train until April when you unfortunately are not able to train anymore. At that point, you are still due to pay May and June and then you are released from team’s obligations and the team itself upon your request. If you wish to stay, you need to continue paying the monthly membership fee until the end of the year during the second 6-month period(*) regardless your actual participation into trainings.

If you opt for 2), in case of injury or other reason that prevents you from participating into trainings, the money will not be refunded. At the end of the 6-month period(*), you are released from team’s obligations and from the team itself upon your request and you won’t be asked to renew your 6-month subscription.
6-month fee can be paid for set 6-month period only: January-June and July-December.
If you join the team any other month than January and July, you are redirected to the monthly fee (40€) as per above.
NB! Instalments are not allowed for the 6-month fee and it shall be paid in one transaction!
Payments for the entire year are accepted as 2 x 190€ = 380€ and are non refundable.

At the end of the 6-month period(*), a player is allowed to switch membership fee (from 1) to 2) and viceversa) or to simply continue with the same settlement for the next 6-month period(*).

What is the cheaper option? If you pay 40€ every month for 6 months, the total expense will be 240€ against the 190€ of the 6-month advance payment.

Upon joining the second team permanently, the only available option is the mandatory monthly fee of 20€
The rules regarding the membership period are exactly the same as set in 1) for first team: the membership fee is mandatory every month whether you train or not; and in case you cannot train, you are due to pay until the 6-month period(*) ends. Only then, you are released from team’s obligations and from the team itself upon your request.

In case of both teams, and for reimbursement purposes, we can release you an invoice for sports compensation that you can forward to the company you work for.
The company shall preferably pay us directly against the invoice number, otherwise the payment will go via yourself.

NB! We are not part of Estonian platform Sport ID and we do not plan to be part in the future. All payments are handled without any intermediary!

(*) Each calendar year corresponds to the Estonian football season.  On the base of that we count two 6-month periods, January-June and July-December, during which a player can be or not a member of the team.



First team (11-a-side):
Second team (8-a-side):