Rahvaliiga: SEB vs. Rumori Calcio 2-0 (0-0)

Rahvaliiga: SEB vs. Rumori Calcio 2-0 (0-0)

– Rumori Calcio ambitions to get to national play-offs of Rahvaliiga curbed after 2-0 loss in Männiku
– Goalkeeper Rezeq Sayara out for a couple of months after a broken foot 
– Another ridiculous referee job undermines the team’s composure in second half

That it was not going to be an easy night for Rumori Calcio, it was already understood after 12 minutes when goalkeeper Rezeq Sayara lied on the pitch and gestured that his game was over.

As later on the emergency room would have clarified, Rezeq will have to wear a plaster for at least three weeks. Including the rehab period, it is unlikely he will be back in business before the last two games of the season (18th and 27th of August). Rumori Calcio are already on the look for a new shot stopper that could help the team finish the season smoothly.

With Rezeq stretchered out and brought to the closest hospital in an ambulance, coach Angelo Palmeri returned on the pitch wearing his gloves for Rumori Calcio again and collecting his 13th appearance. Not the happiest number, if you are superstitious. However, few minutes later he entered the pitch, he already made a miracle on SEB’s counter palming a close attempt away with his left hand while already falling on the right post as SEB switched side quickly to catch the goalie unprepared.

It was a sign that it would have been a long night in Männiku.

With a 1-3-2-1 stretched over the pitch half, Rumori Calcio had a fair first half showing good combinations and attempts of orderly build-ups. SEB were more reliant on the kick-and-run Estonian style with no much flair. However, they could offer interesting flankers keen in running into the space but not enough clinical in the finishing.

With the first half over, the second half came in with Rumori Calcio unable to organize the offensive build-up.
Any attempt, shot, cross, dribbling found SEB’s defensive wall to block it, rebound it, deflect it, curb it.

As both teams started to get tired, also the referee, Andres Kalvik, started to show worrying signs of being worn out.
Quite curiously, any controversial decision was chosen in favour of the hosts with the obvious consequence of unsettling our side already struggling for scoring a goal and bringing home the three points.

At the back, Angelo Palmeri could control any attempt by SEB since they lacked aim and precision in the finishing. A couple of good exits avoided the worst.
SEB earned several corner kicks. From one of those, on 60′ minutes (10 minutes before the final whistle) SEB found the opener. The ball was sent in the middle of the box and went off Domenico Malcangi’s control. It was just too easy for Anton Baranov to control and shoot the easiest of the penalties. 1-0 for the hosts.

One nil down and with less time to go, Rumori Calcio tried generously to throw themselves forward in the attempt to pull level and bring at least the point home.
This obviously opened wide spaces for SEB counters. On 66′ minutes, Erekle Dzotsenidze seemigly pulled down one of the greens with Kalvik showing no hesitation in assigning a free-kick. Quite a harsh decision since SEB’s player, as others, looked for the contact in order to obtain advantage. The match director was especially poor in judging clear situations where the hosts dive with no restraint.

It’s a joke considering that our team has been labelled as made up of ‘divers and actors’.
Stereotyped cliches that induce every referee directing our games to bring his weight of arrogance and haughtiness on the pitch in order to ‘give us a lesson’.
Kalvik’s unacceptable bias ruined the end of the game and assumingly the season.

From the set-piece, Markko Pokk sealed the full-time result as his curled shot hit the post and rolled back into the net while an unmarked SEB player was keeping hold of our goalkeeper’s view.

Kalvik’s ended his pathetic show by showing a red card to our captain Archil Chochia who reasonably adviced him to visit a dark and smelly place.

Dear Mr. Kalvik, go whistle volleyball, as it seems it’s more suitable for you!

Rumori Calcio season will continue on the 30th of July with a friendly training game against FC Puhkus Mehhikos in Tallinn Ühisgümnasium.


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