On the pitch with us: Cialdissima and Rumori Calcio for 2016!

On the pitch with us: Cialdissima and Rumori Calcio for 2016!

As previously announced on our Facebook page, Rumori Calcio is honoured to present one of his shirt sponsors for season 2016: Cialdissima.


From Trieste, Italy, Cialdissima is a small company producing delicious coffee capsules which are compatible with Nespresso, Lavazza Blue, Lavazza EP and A Modo Mio espresso machines.
They are also present in Estonia with Cialdissima OÜ and a website www.cialdissima.ee (it is under construction).

Cialdissima is looking forward to expand in Estonia and have chosen Rumori Calcio to promote themselves.

The team has already had a chance to taste Cialdissima’s products in the changing room before a preseason friendly test. The feedback from the players was very positive as they found Cialdissima’s coffee aromas very tasty and rich and the coffee certainly helped them to deliver in the scoredraw against a selection of employees from an international company settled in Estonia (3-3).

Our offer is of 7 different aromas of compatible capsules plus a decaf one,’ explained to us Thomas Budicin Penso, one of the people behind Cialdissima enterprise. ‘Three aromas are 100% Arabic.  We have named them after popular Italian composers: Toscanini, Vivaldi and Pergolesi. Other three aromas are classic and the amount of Arabic coffee differs: Colombia  has 70% Arabic, Parini 40% and Santos aroma only 20%.’

Thomas goes on stressing how special is the seventh aroma.Rossomoka is another brand compared to the previously mentioned. It has a stronger and bitter taste. 80% of this aroma comes from Uganda and the espresso coming out of Rossomoka it is persistently full-bodied, dark and with a woodsy accent.

A description that already makes espresso lovers mouths watering.
At Cialdissima, they are very proud about the way they prepare their products. ‘We only use first quality coffee beans,‘ stresses Thomas ‘we don’t use broken or damaged whole beans and we only use large ones‘. The coffee is toasted in Italy.

Cialdissima capsules come packaged in small bags (see picture below – click in order to view in other window) in order to preserve the flavour and freshness. Cialdissima is already working at making their own capsules similar to the Nespresso ones. They will be self-preserving and will not need a packaging.

Cialdissima produces also decaf coffee using the Swiss Process, meaning chemicals are not used to extract the caffeine: ‘the decaf coffee was decaffeinated with the water method, hence it looks like a normal coffee,’ explains gladly Thomas.


Who is behind Cialdissima? ‘We’re two in this company, me and my business partner Mario Sorli. Then we have one secretary and 9 people working at the making of the capsules: from capsules filling until  packaging and shipping’. Mario and Thomas were initially trying to break through the telecommunications business, but when the European Union changed rules, they had to redefine themselves and the passion for the good coffee took over.

It was a natural choice,’ explains Thomas ‘when you go down the hills of Trieste towards the seaside, there is a big sign ‘TRIESTE – The Coffee Capital’ against the sea panorama…we could not help thinking we could match good coffee with high technology!’. Therefore Cialdissima was born in 2009.

For this season Cialdissima becomes shirt sponsor and official partner of Rumori Calcio, matching the Italian tradition for good coffee with the passion for ‘calcio’ (football)


For a price quote for your business, get in touch at: info@tmplus.si or info@cialdissima.it

Italian website for online orders (personal use): www.cialdissima.it (ITA)
Estonian website: www.cialdissima.ee (under construction)
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Cialdissima/



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