Estonian Cup: Rumori Calcio will make history in Tartu!

Estonian Cup: Rumori Calcio will make history in Tartu!

When Rumori Calcio was drawn to JK Tammeka Tartu history was already made itself since Tammeka are an Estonian top-flight (Premium Liiga) club.

Tomorrow, at Sepa Football Center (Tammeka’s new sport center and ground) history will be further written by our brave XI who reached the 1/8 of finals after beating Merkuur Tartu (3-4 after extra time) and JK Kadakas Kernu (4-3).

The game in fact will be live streamed on the Estonian FA website making it the very first official live video coverage of one of our football matches.

The link will be available in the home page at the ‘TV’ icon as pictured below.


To add further to the historic moment, we will be the first opposition to kick off together with JK Tammeka the new ground in an official football game.

It will be a special pride for the club who has symbolically contributed among the first ones, and with many other donors, to the financing of the construction via the crowdfunding campaign launched last autumn by Tammeka.

The idea, which revealed successful, was to sell the ground by square meters. Rumori Calcio bought ‘its own’.

A donation that was praised by one of Tammeka board member and the team’s captain, Kaarel ‘The Pope’ Kiidron: ‘football brings people together,‘ said Kaarel to the Tammeka website ‘the support we received from Rumori Calcio is an example of that as they realized Tartu shall have similar training conditions as Tallinn‘.


40-year-old Italian player and associated club CEO, Samuele De Pizzol, was prophetic when he spoke to Baltic football portal One Nil Up saying: ‘one day would be nice to play an Estonian Cup tie in Sepa, so we can take a picture with our square meter!’, he probably didn’t expect the day to come so early.

Our Irish number 10, Matthew Hynds, who joined the team in the Summer has a different plan about that square meter: ‘I score a free-kick from this spot!‘.

Coach Angelo Palmeri smiles in approval and is also glad of the opportunity to play such a tie: ‘it is absolutely fantastic that the boys can get such a footballing experience‘ told Angelo who is preparing also himself for the game ‘they earned it by playing a fantastic game against Merkuur and showing their better class against Kernu Kadakas, I am very glad for them.


About the real chances, he is no daydreamer: ‘we perfectly know how many tiers do separate my players from Indrek’s (Koser, Tammeka coach -edit) and I am sure he will opt for some rotation to give his most-used men a rest. They have a short team for Premium Liiga and almost the same XI plays every week, so it is natural we will see many young players who want to show off. I have to say my players have good technical skills, some of them reached a decent level for our IV.Liiga standards, but the game tempo will be a key-factor.’
When comes to Tammeka’s individualities, he just hopes to ‘see the legendary Tiirik running against our defenders and Kiidron taking care of our strikers with the armband on.’

When coming to the travelling squad, Mister Palmeri stays buttoned-up: ‘I can only say we travel with a 17-man squad, the rest you will discover in Sepa.‘ Team’s topscorer, German Christoph Puschmann, who gave Rumori Calcio the late winner against Merkuur, shall be travelling with the team too. ‘Der Panzer’, as he was nicknamed within the club, has scored 13 goals this season and can boast having played against Mesut Özil on same age level in Germany.


Kick-off is set for 20:00 and the game will be officiated by 19-year-old Karl-Sander Nool.
In the job he will be assisted by first official Egerd Pajustik and second official Maikel Mikson.

For our friends in Tartu, the address of Sepa Sport Center is Sepa 15a .

It will be also the first ever game of Rumori Calcio with an entrance fee, 2€.
If you mark yourself ‘Going’ in the Facebook event, it will just be a mere 1€ (same discount for pensioners and university students).
Tammeka have informed us that coffee and tea will be available and also blankets to cover yourself in the cold Tartu evening (8’C expected tomorrow evening with moderate breeze).

Come and support Rumori Calcio! #ForzaRumori



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