IV.Liiga Northern/Western: the opponents of Rumori Calcio

IV.Liiga Northern/Western: the opponents of Rumori Calcio

On Tuesday the 9th of February, Rumori Calcio got to know their 9 opponents for season 2016 in IV.Liiga.

Rumori Calcio was drawn into the newly created Northern/Western group (teams from Tallinn and surroundings and Western Estonia) with the following teams.

RJK Märjamaa
FC Haapsalu Harrastajad
Trummi SK Kohila
Tallinna JK Augur
Tallinna FC Majandusmagister
FC Toompea
Tallinna FC Eston Villa II
Tabasalu JK Charma II
JK Jalgpallihaigla

The calendar will be known in next days, but we start to check what our opponents will look like according to information and statistics available on the Estonian FA website (www.jalgpall.ee)


Full name:
Raplamaa Jalgpalliklubi Märjamaa
Märjamaa Gümnaasium Stadium (grass)
Travelling distance: 67km
Colours: Blue jersey, black shorts, black socks
Nickname: unknown

They came 5th in a group of 10 (the previous Western group) with 24 points in 18 games (7w, 2d and 8l) and a goal difference of -3 (34 v. 37).
Up to last season, it was an all-Estonian side (they had 25 players) with no foreigners.
The older player is Toomas Sassian (1966), 8 games last season for a total of 422 minutes (most of the times he was a sub).
The most famous player was Janno Kivisild (1977).
For those not familiar with Estonian football, he is the Estonian national team assistant coach of Swedish Magnus Pehrsson (head coach). Notwithstanding his demanding tasks, he has had time to play 5 times including a cup tie against FC Transferwise (2-1, scorecard here).
Except Valeri Shipulin (1982) all other players are born after 1990 (included), the youngest being Gert Gabrite and Kristo Kaljumaa (1999).
The topscorer was 1994-born Jesper Vahur, 11 goals in 24 games.


HH1 or* HH2

*at time of writing they are still deciding which logo to adopt

Full name: FC Haapsalu Harrastajad
Risti stadium (grass)
Travelling distance:
navy blue (?)

We know very little about this club since they are brand new in IV.Liiga as we are.
It seems they also come from Rahvaliiga.
All we know is that, contrary to their name referring to the Estonian Western city of Haapsalu, they will play in the grass pitch of a parish nearby, Risti (32km from Haapsalu).
All we found was this video below of a futsal game they held few days ago against Palivere SK.
Harrastajad (it means literally ‘amateurs’) are those with the darker jerseys.

In the Facebook group discussion, Rumori Calcio was mentioned as follows:

Andree R: Rumori Calcio must be this team with superstars, isn’t it? 😀
Bert R: If foreigner = superstar, then yes…

We will try to live up to their high expectations…



Full name: Trummi Spordi Klubi Kohila
Kohila Gümnaasium Stadium (grass)
Travelling distance:
Yellow jersey, dark-blue shorts, yellow socks

They finished the IV.Liiga Western group at 4th place, with 25 points, 16 adrift group winners Pärnu Poseidon (40 points and our cup opponents last season). It was the result of 7w, 4d and 7l with a goal difference of +5 (55 v 50).
In the last game of season 2015 they played against RJK Märjamaa and it ended up with a scoredraw (1-1). Trummi played almost for all the game down to 10 man (Lullu was sent off on 22′). The game was 0-0 up to 83′ minutes when Kadakas opened the score for Trummi only to be levelled 3 minutes later by Märjamaa’s topscorer, Vahur.
The game was directed by Andrei Brõtkin who was the referee in our first international game against UCL Academicals last August (0-6 for the English side).
Mr Brõtkin who was promoted to referee elite group (Premium Liiga and Esiliiga, first and second tier) for season 2016.
Sven-Jarno Lullu was the team’s topscorer with 14 goals in 12 games. He also played for III.Liiga side JK Kaitseliit Kalev as Trummi  was their double. Lullu scored a hattrick in a Estonian Cup 2015-16 thrashing of Rahvaliiga side JK Küsimärk (12-1, we won with Küsimärk at Jõgeva Winter Futsal Cup 7-0 back in January).
Lullu is a 1983-born is a team with players born no later than 1990.
Lullu was subject of a spoof special on Estonian news show ‘Seitsemesed Uudised’ (News at 7pm) featuring popular football commentator, Kalev Kruus, as anchorman. If you understand Estonian a bit, watch the video below.
Their motto is ‘paneme õitsema’, kind of ‘let’s make (flowers) blossom’. It might have a double meaning we are failing to catch right now.
Raul Seema (1976) was a team-member of Kristiina Shmigun skiing team (2 gold medals in Winter Olympics in Turin 2006 and 1 silver medal 4 years later in Vancouver in ladies crosscountry skiing) and is still in Estonian men’s team.


Full name: Tallinna JK Augur
Venue: Keila Stadium (artificial)
Travelling distance: 30km
Colours: Black jersey, shorts and socks
Nickname: unknown

Despite the name, they also player outside of Tallinn, in the town of Keila (about 9,000 inhabitants).
The brand ‘Augur’ is more known for the futsal team: Augur Enemat, which turned Estonian Champions in 2014-15 and are currently top of the table, 11 points clear of the second. Augur Enemat are a feeder of the Estonian national futsal team. However, this is the only tie since no player for this current season’s futsal squad belonged to JK Augur in 2015 when they closed their season in the IV.Liiga Eastern group 7th our of 8. They collected 17 points as a result of 5w, 2d and 14l. The goal difference is quite striking: -59! They scored 20 but conceded 79 times, the worst defence of the Eastern group, even worse than the last team (FC Saksa Premium) which conceded only 36 times compared.
The biggest thrashing they allowed was a 13-0 from FC Infonet III (the third team of top-flight club FC Infonet) as they played just with 10 men.
They played with just 11 men and no subs against IV.Liiga 2015 Champions, Väätsa Vald, losing 10-0 and allowing Raido Nurk 6 goals!
They collected a couple of technical home wins against FC Saksa Premium presumably for no-show of the visitors.
Team age range is from 1966 (Tarass Fedorenko) to 1999 (Rauno Kütt).
I know their goalkeeper, Caspar Janter,’ said Rumori Calcio coach, Angelo Palmeri ‘we were teammates at FC Pokkeriprod (now FC All In, in IV.Liiga Northern/Eastern group -edit). He was quite young and unexperienced then, but I am sure that despite his 20, he has gained more experience now especially after a tough season like this: 79 goals are no joke…it will be nice to see him again, hopefully we manage to make him collect as many balls as possible from the back of then net again (smiles -edit)