Estonian Cup: JK Poseidon vs. Rumori Calcio 3-2 (1-1)

They say dreams come true only when they actually do. Today one dream faded but another became real: Rumori Calcio is in the geography and history of Estonian football. The final result might tell the strongest team on the paper did anyway pass the leg however the game showed 11 lions fighting for evrey inch on the pitch. There was no big loss as Sten Vili, nr.13 of Poseidon, declared before the game.

On 65′ minutes Rumori Calcio was leading 2-1 thanks to a fantastic brace by our number 10, Englishman Richard Barnwell.

Rumori Calcio had by far the best chances of first half with Sylvain Kuassi being denied the lead when it was about 10 minutes into the game.

parnu-rumoriThe more the time grew, the more Poseidon frustration led them to commit mistakes. The game changed face when around 20 minutes our
Camerun left full-back, Lawrence Andem, was sent off for a challenge on the same Vili. No one denies the contact, but the red card shown by Ref Triinu Laos was an harsh decision which compelled us to play down to 10 men for over one hour. Rumori was already one nil up and had
now to gather strenght until the end of half-time. The hosts modest effort was overly awarded when our flying Dutchmann, Marco Spielmann deflected the ball in our net for Poseidon to reach HT whistle on 1-1.

It was clear that second half would have been a siege by the opposition. Rumori Calcio had to switch from 5-4-1 to 5-3-1 with a change already made in first half for knee problem suffered by Georgian midfielder Rati Mamporia. Jessi Verano Izaguirre replaced him on the right side of the midfield line. Half-time brought also in our US man, Mike Shanahan replacing Erekle Dzodzenitze, club’s most capped player.

With the heat increasing, both teams felt the fatigue. Poseidon was having the ball, but Rumori Calcio unsettled their comeback plans when RichardBarnwell ran 50 mt of pitch, dribbled several men with a couple of changes of paces and sent into the back of the net on the one-on-one with the
goalkeeper. The entire dugout went in ecstasy, but there were still 25 minutes to play and Rumori Calcio were still down to 10 men.

There was time also for refereeing drama as Triinu Laos first allowed a penalty to Poseidon (our goalkeeper Rezeq Sayara coming out on a one-on-one) and then calling it off after speaking with the first assistant over the radio (!)

It was the prelude to Poseidon pulling one back following a mishandling by our goalie who allowed Kangur to score. 2-2.

In the final 15 minutes, Poseidon found the qualification goal after winning the ball in the box and catching the rear unprepared.

It was 2 minutes extra time added by the ref with Rumori Calcio pushing generously and earning a corner which was the very last chance before full-time whistle.

”There’s no defeat in the heart of those who fight”

Rumori Calcio was founded with the aim of providing an international environment to foreigners living in Tallinn and passionate about playing football.
The club welcomes also locals and it has been a true example of integration through the years.

The club’s motto is ‘E Pluribus, Unum’, from many, one. Already over 30 nationalities
from all over the globe
have served
the SkyBlue of the club.
We are from many different cultures, but we communicate with one language: football.


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