Friendly game: Rumori Calcio vs. FC Puhkus Mehhikos 4-3 (2-2)

Friendly game: Rumori Calcio vs. FC Puhkus Mehhikos 4-3 (2-2)

A training game to restore good relations with FC Puhkus Mehhikos after June troubled game in Rahvaliiga (3-3) took place on Thursday. Good performance by Rumori Calcio willing to break the negative streak of results since Pärnu game.
Pictures and video by Rezeq Sayara.

Spielmann (NED)
Chochia (GEO)
Mamporia (GEO)
Mathon (FRA)
Moeller (DEN)
Lai (EST)
Palmeri (ITA)
Haddad (ITA)
Hammad (EGY)
Ribero (ITA)
Malcangi (ITA)
Je.Verano (PER)

You wouldn’t say the game that took place last night in Tallinna Ühisgümnasium was a simple training friendly game. Rumori Calcio and FC Puhkus Mehhikos gave life to another hard-fought battle, which, luckily, this time, stayed merely on the pitch and in the terms of played football.

Under the firm control of ref Alex Scheperin, who’s been receiving the accolade from several Rahvaliiga teams, the game unfolded smoothly until the end which saw Rumori Calcio winning 4-3 thanks to a screamer free-kick by the Capitano, Archil Chochia (see video here)


Coach congratulates the Captain for his great winner

Without shadow of doubt, the captain was the MOTM as he opened the score in the same fashion and brought Rumori two nil up from a superb counter he started himself after breaking FCPM build-up on the midfield line.

The agreed set-up this time was 6+1 and Rumori Calcio featured debutant goalkeeper, Estonian Tarmo Lai, replacing the injured Rezeq Sayara. Tarmo will probably join the club and help Rumori Calcio finishing the season at the end of August. The Estonian goalie has experience in Estonian lower leagues with Trummi SK.


Half-time speech focused on moving the ball upfield more orderly

Coach Palmeri set-up a 3-2-1 to best cover the space and gave a start to Thibaut Mathon as front striker having the intention to give a full game to Captain Chochia in order to settle better after a long absence in the heart of the defence.
His return against SEB was not particularly memorable, however the captain managed to make himself forgiven with full grades.

Just few minutes before the half-time whistle, Rumori Calcio let FCPM pull two back and set the score on 2-2 at half time. The first goal was conceded after the defence failed to clear quickly the box. The second came from the ball splashing in the box from corner kick.


Mamporia moves up field. Third goal for the Georgian midfielder.

In second half Rumori Calcio found a better way to convey the ball in the opposition half thanks to less personal initiative and more team game. Coach Palmeri played himself about 10 minutes creating some interesting chances and helping the team to come up field. Drained out by the effort, he followed the rest of the game from the touchline. He collected his 14 appearance with RC jersey.


Exhaust! Coach Palmer had a go for 10 minutes in his old role as strikers. Good moves and a couple of chances, but the breath ran out quickly.

Rumori Calcio eventually led the game again when Rati Mamporia hit the back of the net from distance (his trademark) marking his third netting in six games.

However, it was not over since an outstretched Rumori Calcio conceded FCPM an easy shot from distance that Tarmo Lai could not parry.


New face. Goalkeeper Tarmo Lai follows the half-time speech by Coach Palmeri (with nr.8 jersey).

The final minutes of the game were all on the nerves and the emotions.
Before Chochia would score the winner, FCPM hit both posts with shots from distance creating themselves huge regrets for what the final score would have been.

The most important thing was to restore pride and honour, both clubs managed to with a truly sporting competitive game. Three points were not at stake, but you wouldn’t say so if you had attended the clash.

Rumori Calcio season continues on the 18th of August away to SK Mercury.
The last game will be held on the 27th of August at home (Tallinna Ühisgümnasium) against FC Lebo Ülesanne. In between, we will take on UCL Academicals for our first international game on the day of our anniversary (22nd of August).

FC Puhkus Mehhikos have collected 10 points in 4 games and are serious competitors for winning the group and entering the national play-offs. We wish them the best of luck for the remainder of the season!




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