Season 2015

In season 2015 Rumori Calcio played in ‘Rahvaliiga’ (literally, ‘people league’ the non-league level organized partially by the Estonian FA.
The Group XIII named ‘Pääsküla’ featured 7 teams from the Tallinn area.
Rumori Calcio managed to collect 5 points in 6 games with the following scores

11/05/2015  JK Roosad Pantrid vs. Rumori Calcio 5-2
04/06/2015 Rumori Calcio vs. FC Puhkus Mehhikos 3-3
15/06/2015  FC IceBears vs. Rumori Calcio 2-5
08/07/2015 SEB vs. Rumori Calcio 2-0
18/08/2015  SK Mercury vs. Rumori Calcio 6-6
27/08/2015  Rumori Calcio vs. FC Lebo Ülesanne 2-5
FC Puhkus Mehhikos1364112314+9
RUMORI CALCIO561231823-5
FC Lebo Ülesanne1866002911+18
JK Roosad Pantrid461141323-10
FC IceBears662041431-17
SK Mercury461141726-9

Rumori Calcio debuted in official club football at the ‘Eesti Karikas 2015’ (Estonian Cup 2015) losing 3-2 to  JK Poseidon Pärnu in a tight game on the 28th of June.

In August (22nd) Rumori Calcio celebrated the first year’s anniversary by hosting UCL Academicals from England and establishing the ‘Rumori Cup’ to celebrate the event. The full-time result was 6-0 for the travelling side who brought the first ‘Rumori Cup’ to England with themselves.

Other friendly games

24/03/2015 FC Like&Share vs. Rumori Calcio (futsal) 7-9
01/04/2015 JalgpalliHaigla RL vs. Rumori Calcio (futsal) 8-8
08/04/2015 JalgpalliHaigla RL vs. Rumori Calcio (futsal) 10-9
12/04/2015 Arvato vs. Rumori Calcio (futsal) 2-6
28/05/2015 Rumori Calcio vs. JK Karsklus (8-a-side) 4-1
01/07/2015 FC Somnium vs. Rumori Calcio (8-a-side) 7-4
30/07/2015 Rumori Calcio vs. FC Puhkus Mehhikos (7-a-side) 4-3
22/08/2015 Rumori Calcio vs. UCL Academicals (ENG) 0-6
10/09/2015 Rumori Calcio vs. Jalgpallihaigla RL 7-6
24/09/2015 Skype vs. Rumori Calcio 5-1
15/10/2015 Rumori Calcio vs. FC Like&Share 4-5
31/10/2015 FK Lielupe (LVA) vs. Rumori Calcio 2-1
31/10/2015 FC Kickers Pufendorfer Berlin (GER) vs. Rumori Calcio 1-3
31/10/2015 Riga United (LVA) vs. Rumori Calcio 2-0
26/11/2015 Rumori Calcio vs. Eesti Muusikud 2-4
12/12/2015 FC Transferwise vs. Rumori Calcio 5-1

IAFA Futsal 2014-15
2015 Games

03/01/2015 Free24 vs. Rumori Calcio 5-3
10/01/2015 Reval AFC vs. Rumori Calcio 8-2
17/01/2015 Free24 vs. Rumori Calcio 1-2
24/01/2015 Fortuna vs. Rumori Calcio 3-3
31/01/2015 Rumori Calcio vs. Ericsson 3-6
07/02/2015 Talot vs. Rumori Calcio 7-2
14/02/2015 Free24 vs. Rumori Calcio 2-3
21/02/2015 Talot vs. Rumori Calcio 1-4
08/03/2015 Somnium vs. Rumori Calcio 6-2
15/03/2015 Tornados vs. Rumori Calcio 4-5

Futsal friendlies

17/10/2015 FC Jõgeva Wolves vs. Rumori Calcio 13-5

The final balance was of 6 wins, 1 draw and 13 losses in 20 games. Rumori Calcio won the Round 4 of the last group and collected their first trophy.


Rumori Calcio was founded with the aim of providing an international environment to foreigners living in Tallinn and passionate about playing football.
The club welcomes also locals and it has been a true example of integration through the years.

The club’s motto is ‘E Pluribus, Unum’, from many, one. Already over 30 nationalities
from all over the globe
have served
the SkyBlue of the club.
We are from many different cultures, but we communicate with one language: football.