Training game against FC Somnium (Rahvaliiga)

Training game against FC Somnium (Rahvaliiga)

One week ahead of the Rahvaliiga fourth game, Rumori Calcio visited FC Somnium on the same pitch where they will clash with SEB.
It was a good training game for many players who have tasted less playing time during the season.
The final result was 7-4 for FC Somnium after 90′. The teams played with 8+1 teams and Rumori Calcio could count on two changes.
The four goals were scored by returning Turkish striker, Yenal Turan (hattrick) and Thibaut Mathön, who scored his first goal with Rumori Calcio even on a friendly training game.

It was the third time that Rumori Calcio played against FC Somnium.
The two precedents go back to the IAFA Futsal Winter 2014-15. Somnium won both games: 4-1 (December 2014) and 6-2 (March 2015).
The three goals were scored by Yenal Turan (4 in total against this team) in the first game and by Dejan Selisek and Guillaume Fevrier in the second.
Yenal Turan has cumulated 28 goals in 18 games (*) with Rumori Calcio and is currently Rumori Calcio all-time topscorer followed by Dejan Selisek (22). The latter is Rumori Calcio’s topscorer in Rahvaliiga with three goals.

(*) the statistics takes into consideration all games played by Rumori Calcio so far: friendlies (futsal and 7-a-side), IAFA Futsal, SEM Grandliiga Cup and Rahvaliiga


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