Rahvaliiga: defined calendar for August

Rahvaliiga: defined calendar for August

Today the club has agreed fixtures for August with SK Mercury and FC Lebo Ülesanne.

They will be respectively matchday 5 and 6 of the Group XIII of the Rahvaliiga B.
The game against SK Mercury will be played away at Tallinna Õismäe Gümnasium artificial pitch whereas Rumori Calcio will host FC Lebo Ülesanne at home in Tallinna Ühisgümnasium.

These are the dates and games conditions agreed with the two clubs.

vs. SK Mercury on the 18th of August, kick-off 18:30
Line-up: 7+1
Duration: 35′ x 2

vs. FC Lebo Ülesanne on the 27th of August, kick-off 20:15
Line-up: 6+1
Duration: 35′ x 2

In the meantime, Rumori Calcio are having their fourth game on the 8th of July against SEB, more info here.

SK Mercury                    Lebo


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