From the World to Finland

From the World to Finland

100 football games in one day might sound like a tough challenge, however nothing is impossible when Finland and Estonia join forces.

EJL (Estonian FA) and SPL (Finnish FA) have in fact agreed to have a challenge on the same day (10th of June) when clubs from both countries will face each other on 90′ games scattered around the two countries.

Some Estonian clubs will travel to Finland and viceversa.
As we write, on the website we can count 108 clubs from the Northern neighbours and 138 clubs from Estonia. One of the 138 is our Rumori Calcio II, the second team which has started confidently the 2017 path in Estonian non-league ‘Rahvaliiga-B’ with one win and one draw.

The Boys in Skyblue will be opposed to FC World, a spontaneous group of people coming from different clubs who have been playing football together and mainly 7-a-side.

This is why, their representative, Deron Fuller, states that their history ‘is short‘ having himself made up this name for the sake of the ‘100 Games’ challenge.

We really put this team together to join the challenge,‘ explains Deron to ‘we are all based in the Helsinki area and all our team members are coming from 3 different football clubs.‘ For how weird it might sound, Deron explains us that some team members are even coming from…basketball!

However, there is a group of people who could be considered the core of the team: ‘it includes me, but is the smallest group which has been playing football together since we were living in Northern Finland about 15 years ago.’

The common trait with Rumori Calcio is indeed the international environment: most of the team members are expats. ‘We represent Finland, but we come from all over the world,‘ confirms Deron: Finland, USA, Scotland, Nigeria, Bolivia, Germany, Uzbekistan and Kurdistan are among the countries and nations represented in the team ‘we’re only missing an Australian and an Antarctic native to cover every continent!

Among them, a known face: Andy Crovetto.
The former Rumori Calcio II number 9 (9 appearances and 1 goal in season 2016) is in fact drawn into the squad that will travel to Estonia on the 10th of June. Andy has recently relocated to Finland and cannot hide it will be a special game for him: ‘when I was told we were going to play Estonian opposition, I thought to contact you guys and ask if you were playing the same day so I could come and support ,‘ explains amused the Anglo-Italian striker previously based in Genova who is now going to play against his former teammates.

Andy in action at Nabala in the 2016 play-off

Deron is looking forward to the event: ‘it will be hard work, hopefully a few goals and a well-deserved beer at the end of the day!

The two squads in fact will hit the pub together soon after the final whistle for a classic ‘third half’.

100 Games in One Day – EST vs. FIN
Rumori Calcio II vs. FC World
Saturday the 10th of June
Kotka Stadium (half pitch) – Linnu tee 9, Tallinn
Kick-off time 13:30
Referee: Alex Scheperin (MKD)
The game will be played with 8+1 players on each side and 2 halves of 40′.

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