International Friendly becomes ‘Rumori Cup’ challenge!

International Friendly becomes ‘Rumori Cup’ challenge!

On the 22nd of August 2015 Rumori Calcio will hold their first international game (all details of the event here).

A friendly against UCL Academicals, an amateur English club from the ‘Amateur Football Combination’ based in and around London and the Home Counties, and is believed to be the biggest adult football league in Europe.

The AFC is an adult male league affiliated to the Amateur Football Alliance (AFA), London FA, Middlesex FA and Surrey FA, and was formed in 2002 by the merger of the Old Boys’ Football League (1907) and Southern Olympian League (1911) and subsequently merging with the London Financial Football Association (itself comprising the London Banks Football Association, 1900 and the London Insurance Football Association, 1908) in 2006.

Considering that the 22nd of August marks the first anniversary of Rumori Calcio foundation (the very first game as Rumori Calcio was played last year on the same date in the SEM Grandliiga Cup – check history here), the club’s management has decided to assign a trophy to the winner of the friendly game, the ‘Rumori Cup’ (see pictures below).

Trophy 20150812_160136

The kick-off is set at 15:15 with a fully 90-minute game taking place and a break in between.
If the two sides will be even at full-time whistle, a set of penalties (5 each) will be kicked to establish the first winner of the ‘Rumori Cup’ challenge.

We want to make it a routine event,‘ said Samuele De Pizzol’s, Italian central defender and one of the board members of the club ‘at the moment it will be a yearly challenge against another club, either international or local. In future, we don’t exclude the formula might imply a larger tournament.

You are all expected to attend the game, the entrance is obviously free of charge and the game will take place at the Kalev artificial ground.


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