Rahvaliiga: Rumori Calcio vs. FC Puhkus Mehhikos 3-3 (2-3)

Rahvaliiga: Rumori Calcio vs. FC Puhkus Mehhikos 3-3 (2-3)

Rumori can regret as they were about to turn the game on its head. FCPM was better in first half.


They could have been three points but it’s just one. Most of the regret goes to the two posts hit in the dying minutes of the game.

First half started with Rumori having a good pace and also few chances in front of what was rumoured as an unbeatable goalkeeper. After the FCPM took the lead in three minutes (13′ and 16′) Rumori did not give up and started to come back with with our Turkish score, Yenal (24′). It was a poacher’s goal with the ball rolling in the net after a couple of rebounds.

Rumori looked set to equalize before time, but FCPM added one goal to Sepp’s brace. It could have been a shock to go to the break on 1-3 gap, however the Italian midfielder, Levi, managed to pull another back with the same poacher’s instinct. 2-3 HT

In second half the team reacted as if the game was starting from scratch and made the extra mile to equalize on 49′ minutes with Georgian midfielder, Mamporia and eventually win the game.
The posts are still vibrating…


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