‘Rumori Cup’ 2015: match preview

‘Rumori Cup’ 2015: match preview

– 24 hours to the first ‘Rumori Cup’, a friendly summer challenge between us and English amateurs of UCL Academicals
– Both captains and representatives of the club give a short overlook at the two sides/clubs
– The event gets a mention in the Estonian FA website (check here)
– Kick-off tomorrow at 15:15 in Kalev artificial ground (all event’s details here)

UCL Academicals, a chance for testing new players

Whereas in Estonia we approach the end of season, England is in full pre-season when it comes to amateur football.

Captain Richard Bulmore specifies the composition of the visiting team tomorrow. ‘The team tomorrow will be comprised of players from UCL Academicals second team, including me,‘ spoke Richard who added that there will be several debutants.

If Rumori Calcio celebrate their anniversary, The Accies celebrate their first European tournament. ‘We will be wearing a special red kit to celebrate the event,‘ stressed Richard, a lawyer in the everyday life.

The club was formed by graduates of University College London and plays at the University College London Sports Ground, which is the training ground of Premier League side Watford Football Club.  The ‘Accies’ is comprised of 7 teams which all play in the AFC ( ‘Amateur Football Combination’ based in and around London and the Home Counties).

The Accies are travelling to Tallinn with 12 men and will have just one substitution available.

The English club will present Rumori Calcio with a special brochure about the game.


Rumori Calcio, celebrating one year of life and preparing season’s last fixture
It was the 22nd of August 2014 when Rumori Calcio made its first appearance in the amateur football panorama of Tallinn city. One year after they can boast a consolidated reputation and one cup fixture in the national competition, their first official match ever.

Time to celebrate but to think also about the future. The immediate one, next week, for the last home fixture in the Rahvaliiga group stage. The long-term one with the plans to increase the club’s involvement into official competitions and correspondingly rise the level of training. ‘The plan to go to IV.Liiga and enter the football system from the main door is concrete,‘ explained club’s coach and one of the managing people ‘we’re gathering all the info and we will be presenting to the members in order to have everyone on board, it’s going to be exciting.

The Rumori Calcio’s Captain, Georgian central defender Archil Chochia, focuses on tomorrow’s game. ‘It is a celebrative moment and we’re obviously going to have fun doing what we love most, playing football. However it would be good to win to build up a bit of confidence for next week as we want to close the season in a proper way on our home ground.’ The captain missed the game against SK Mercury due to suspension and is ready to give battle. ‘I’d quote Jose Mourinho here: in football, there are no friendly games, therefore if Accies want to bring home the first Rumori Cup of many ones to follow, they need to sweat for it!

Rumori Calcio will present The Accies with a special pennant for this game. The pennant will see the debut of the refreshed logo (see above – artwork by Rumori Calcio right full-back, Baz Linton, printing work by our veteran player, Danish René Moeller).

A bigger ‘Rumori Calcio’ writing on top of the traditional football with the club’s motto ‘E Pluribus Unum’ added on a banner below to balance the lion above.

Coach Angelo Palmeri will have 16 players available. This is the full list per roles with numbers assigned already.
A return into the team for midfielder Marco Manzini who has been missing from the squad for about three months due to injury and family reasons. A number will not be assigned for his jersey.

GK (1): 1 Rezeq Sayara (PLE)
DF (5): 2 Marco Spielmann (NED), 3 Samuele De Pizzol (ITA), 4 Archil Chochia (GEO), 5 Thibaut Sergei Mathon (FRA), 15 Deni Delev (MKD)
MF (7): 5 Leonardo Pires (BRA), 8 Rati Mamporia (GEO), 9 Erekle Dzotsenidze (GEO), 10 Emre Yaticki (TUR), 13 Yary Ribero (ITA), 14 Gabriele Haddad (ITA), – Marco Manzini (ITA)
FW (3): 7 Angelo Palmeri (ITA), 11 Joy Verano (PER), 12 Mahmoud Hammad (EGY)

The referee of the game will be Mr.Andrei Brõtkin who will be assisted by two officials: Miss Anni Koppel and Mr. Vladimir Zahharov.
His whistle will kick off the game tomorrow at 15:15 sharp! BE THERE!


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