OFFICIAL: Rumori Calcio will compete in Estonian IV.Liiga

OFFICIAL: Rumori Calcio will compete in Estonian IV.Liiga

After the formal decision taken one month ago by the club’s general assembly of the MTÜ (the juridical body of Estonian law behind Rumori Calcio), the club’s representatives have today forwarded the papers to register the club to Estonian IV.Liiga (the lowest tier of 6 of the Estonian football pyramid) and the first bulk of players.

The first step is done. The club will now wait for confirmation of the registration and the transfers of the first players from the countries of origin as the greatest majority is made up of expats living in Tallinn.

IV.Liiga is divided into 4 regional groups: North (Tallinn), East, West and South.
The season kicks off in April and lasts until October. To which group Rumori Calcio will belong and the calender of the games, it will be known in 2016.
The club will also participate to the Estonian Cup 2016-17 (kicking off in June) and to the Amateurs Cup 2016 (kicking off in April).


Samuele (left) and Angelo, club’s representative soon after delivering the papers in the offices of the Estonian FA at the A.LeCoq Arena



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