Rahvaliiga: JK Roosad Pantrid vs. Rumori Calcio 5-2 (2-1)

Rahvaliiga: JK Roosad Pantrid vs. Rumori Calcio 5-2 (2-1)

Our guys fought a fierce game against the Rahvaliiga Champions but had to surrender to JK Roosad Pantrid in the opening game of 2015 Rahvaliiga B – Group XIII

lineup1The first half was 1-2 for them after we opened the score with Joy Verano (PER). Pantrid pulled level and went ahead before time. Before Pantrid’s comeback, Rumori Calcio was controlling the game and creating most of the chances.

In second half Joy tapped in after the Pantrid goalkeeper parried and the game was balanced for a while.

We were unlucky in some circustamces letting Pantrid to score another couple of goals.

The game was disturbed by a scuffle due to the unruly behaviour of the JK Roosad Pantrid – Nõmme Kalju fännimeeskond dugout having too many loving words for our goalkeeper.

Banter is acceptable, offenses from fellow players located in the dugout not. We know Pantrid are football fans, however they shall respect the opposition when they are playing and not supporting.

Unfortunately we must stress the referee was not holding the pulse of the game and few more cards for the home team wouldn’t have been a scandal. Instead he was able to find the card in his pocket to show a red card to Jessi Verano (PER) who went to talk to him.

Apart from that, we’re glad of our performance even if the FT score was 2-5 for the Pantrid.

Rumori Calcio will now focus on trainings and be ready for the next game in June.


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