Season 2014

The very first game as Rumori Calcio was played in the SEM Grandliiga Karikas.
These are the results in that competition for 7-a-side teams.

22/08/2014 Rumori Calcio vs. FC Liikur 1-10
27/08/2014 Ice Bears vs. Rumori Calcio 1-2
07/08/2014 LFC vs. Rumori Calcio 9-1

The club’s sporting life continued indoor with futsal.
After a couple of friendlies (12-6 win against Jõgeva Wolves and 3-8 loss against Reval AFC) Rumori Calcio took on the IAFA Futsal Cup 2014-15, these are the results concerning 2014 (for 2015 check here)

25/10/2014 Reval AFC vs. Rumori Calcio 9-1
01/11/2014 Rumori Calcio vs. Energy 2-9
08/11/2014 Partizan vs. Rumori Calcio 5-0
15/11/2014 Koply City vs. Rumori Calcio 10-4
22/11/2014 La Strada vs. Rumori Calcio 2-5
29/11/2014 Talot vs. Rumori Calcio 3-2
06/12/2014 Somnium vs. Rumori Calcio 4-1
13/12/2014 Rumori Calcio vs. Devils 4-6
20/12/2014 Fortuna vs. Rumori Calcio 2-3

    Rumori Calcio was founded with the aim of providing an international environment to foreigners living in Tallinn and passionate about playing football.
    The club welcomes also locals and it has been a true example of integration through the years.

    The club’s motto is ‘E Pluribus, Unum’, from many, one. Already over 30 nationalities
    from all over the globe
    have served
    the SkyBlue of the club.
    We are from many different cultures, but we communicate with one language: football.