Rahvaliiga: FC IceBears vs. Rumori Calcio 2-5 (0-1)

Rahvaliiga: FC IceBears vs. Rumori Calcio 2-5 (0-1)

First win in Rahvaliiga for Rumori Calcio. Hattrick for returning Slovenian striker Dejan Selisek and brace for Federico Levi-

No disciplinary remarks thanks to the excellent direction by Mr.Scheperin.

lineupThe evening in Järveotsa Gymnasium did not start very well as the hosts were more close to scoring an opener than RC who were controlling the game for most of the first half. Icebears lack of aim and the solid defence governed by Thibaut ‘Le Mur’ Mathon avoided the worst scenario.
It took a while for RC to find the opener after the coach changed the set-up from 4-3-1 to 3-3-2 to bring more trouble to the opposition’s defence. The goal came before the HT whistle when Dejan Selisek hit the back of the net in corner situation.

The advantage was deserved.
In second half, the same Dejan made it 2-0 for us curbing the hosts hopes to come back. Rumori Calcio managed to bring the score to 4-0 thanks to another brace by Federico Levi.

Especially the second goal is worth a mention with Federico solo action on the right flank, entering the box, and scoring with a precise shot towards the second post. On the 4-0, Rumori Calcio easened the pressure and allowed FC IceBears to pull one back before Dejan signed his personal hattrick. There was still time for the hosts to score another goal, however not enough to turn the game on its head.

A special mention also for the excellent direction of the game by Mr.Scheperin who always had the grab of the game and took the right decisions for each side. Just to bust stereotype, the only card of the game for diving was shown to a player of FC IceBears.

Rumori Calcio collect the first three points jump on top of the table together with FC Puhkus Mehhikos who have a game less.

The team will now prepare for the cup game in Pärnu and will return to Rahvaliiga football in July (date to be defined).
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