Birthday boy: meet Deni Delev

Birthday boy: meet Deni Delev

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Deni’s presence in the club is very valuable. He has seen Rumori Calcio birth and its first steps in that chilly end of August of 2014. Together with myself, he is the only person coming from the editorial experience of ‘Rumori di Spogliatoio’ which in a way is the forerunner of this club. Apart from giving his contribution to the second team in Rahvaliiga, Deni will be a great asset in helping the first team developing with his external contribution as observer.”
words by coach Angelo Palmeri to our website.

Deni has collected  3 appearances with Rumori Calcio jersey and is a full member of the MTÜ body behind the club.
He was there on the day of Rumori Calcio first historical win.

, where were you born in Macedonia?

I was born in a town called Gevgelija, in the south of the country.

What is your astrological sign?


Marital status

Long term relationship with a baby on the way.


I work as a teacher of English in Viimsi Keskkool.

What club do you support?

Hardcore Tottenham Spurs fan. And I truly believe this is the year we end our title drought.

Who is your football idol?

This is a tough one as I can not single out one player that stands out. But if I have to choose then I would say Paolo Maldini. A real example on and off the pitch.

What is your favourite dish?

Turli tava. It is a common main course dish in Macedonia and it is made out of potatoes, okra, eggplant, carrots, peppers and beef/pork or lamb. All these are mixed together and baked in an oven in a traditional pottery dish. The name comes from Turkish words turli which means mixed and tava which is a pottery dish.


Which club did you play for in the past?

I haven’t officially played for any clubs before, but as a kid I used to train with the local club back in Macedonia, FK Kozuf.

You were in the very first games of RC at SEM in 2014. Did you think back then that the club could expand like this?

At that time I thought that it would continue as a recreational thing, participation in friendly games, amateur tournaments etc. but I honestly didn’t see the progress the club has made in the past year and a half. It certainly looks like a movie material for Hollywood (with a happy ending, of course) 🙂

Our last question. Macedonia is not in EURO 2016. Have you decided which team will you support? And who will win in the end?

I have always supported the underdogs and this year that won’t change. I hope the minors like Albania and Iceland will cause an upset and I will certainly root for them, but I believe the main favourites for the gold are certainly the world champions Germany, Belgium and France.

Thank you Deni and Happy Birthday!
Благодарам многу!

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